Winter Wellbeing Ebook

$11.99 inc. GST

A comprehensive guide for Winter Wellbeing, simple self-care secrets from Chinese medicine


Take care of yourself this Winter and delve into our comprehensive guide for Winter Wellbeing.

We explain ancient Chinese Medicine ideas of health and life, and how to use this knowledge in a practical way to protect your health and immunity.

  • What is Defensive Energy? The Chinese Medicine equivalent to immunity, and how to nourish it
  • Food-as-medicine – how to select the right ingredients and cooking methods to strengthen your defenses and warm your inner fire
  • Supplements and superfoods – boost your immunity
  • Easy-to-learn home therapies – strengthen your defenses and better recover from Winter bugs

This is a guide to treasure and cherish, packed full of practical information and inspiration to deeply care for yourself in the chilly months.