A Mother Warming is a traditional practice in Chinese medicine for women in the first couple of weeks postpartum.

It refers specifically to the application of moxibustion, a warming herb, to deeply warm and nourish the channels of your pelvis and lower back.

Paired with acupuncture to help regulate and harmonise your body and emotions, it is a beautiful gift to yourself as a new mother in the weeks following birth.

Chinese medicine treatment is focussed on the individual, and will involve selecting acupuncture points relevant to what is happening for the new mother. This may include points to help enhance breast milk production or let-down, relieve aches and pain, or calm the mind.

The treatment is suitable one to four weeks after giving birth.

Post-partum nourishment can help you to restore physical strength and emotional resilience and develop a stable internal centre as a foundation for years to come.  Come and receive the wisdom and warmth of a mother-warming ritual as part of your postpartum care plan.

Book in directly with Keryn for a mother-warming ritual session, as a new or returning patient.

Please note:

  • Wait for at least 5 days after birth before applying mother-warming. Mother-warming is a strengthening and filling treatment and would work against the natural movements of externalising and letting go during the birthing process.
  • As mother-warming uses heat, it is not suitable where infection is present.