In honour of nourishing our mothers after birth, I invite you to attend a Mother Warming ritual at MamaBase on Friday 13th August.  This is a personal 1-on-1 session with Chinese medicine practitioner, Keryn Hawker.

  • Suitable for new mothers, 1-4 weeks after giving birth.
  • Together with pulse and tongue analysis Keryn will share wisdom from Chinese medicine to assist your postpartum journey, and discuss the mother-warming ritual.
  • Lie back and be deeply nourished, receive mother-warming moxibustion on the acupuncture channels of your pelvis and lower back.
  • Take home a bag of Chinese medicine postpartum nourishing tea to build your Qi and Blood

Post-partum nourishment can help you to restore physical strength and emotional resilience and develop a stable internal centre as a foundation for years to come.  Come and receive the wisdom and warmth of a mother-warming ritual as part of your postpartum care plan.

Please note:

  • Wait for at least 5 days after birth before applying mother-warming. Mother-warming is a strengthening and filling treatment and would work against the natural movements of externalising and letting go during the birthing process.
  • Babies are welcome! If you have a support person to accompany you, they can look after your newborn in the same room or an adjacent room while you receive your treatment.
  • As mother-warming uses heat, it is not suitable where infection is present.
  • The mother-warming ritual does not involve acupuncture. A single point is offered to enhance relaxation, however if preferred the ritual can be done entirely without acupuncture.

Treatment: 45mins; Investment $120. Location: Mama Base, 391 Crown St, Wollongong

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