I’m teaming up with Sam of Mae Movement, a perinatal physiotherapist, to deliver a dynamic birth class.   It’s a 2 hour workshop for you and your birth partner to learn and practice tangible hands on skills, acupressure and movements to prepare for labour and birth.  Sam’s fantastic at the movement side of things – to help bub’s positioning and your comfort during labour.  Sam and I will be tag-teaming throughout, aiming to add to your pain relief toolkit with acupressure points and movement skills.

This workshop is an opportunity for you and your partner to come and learn together. I have found that when your partner has some guided hands-on practice and learns some tools they feel much more confident in their ability to actively support you through birth.

The details: Saturday 18th March in Port Kembla, 9:30am-11:30am. $85 for you + your partner or support person.

This workshop is ideal for those in their third trimester however also very helpful for those in their second trimester as we’re not sure when we will run one of these again.
Email me to secure a spot!