Evidence has shown that acupressure during labour can reduce the pain intensity and the need for pharmacological pain relief, and reduce the likelihood of needing a caesarean section.

Acupressure also provides the support person (such as a partner) a valuable tool to provide support throughout the labouring; building intimacy, trust and a shared experience in the journey.

I offer individual acupressure instruction sessions which cover:

  • how to confidently locate the key acupoints to apply during labour, and in the weeks leading up to birth
  • the major actions of each point (e.g. downward descending, ripening the cervix, pain relief)
  • which points to be cautious with until 39 weeks
  • the technique to apply in acupressure.

The session is provided for two people – one pregnant mama plus a support person.

Email me at keryn@kerynhawker.com to arrange a session.

Investment: $88